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Innovative Roof Coatings

Infrared Roof Inspection

Infrared Roof Inspection which is also referred to as a moisture survey, is conducted to detect trapped moisture problems in flat roofs or low slope insulation to identify the differences in the temperatures across the roof structure.

Having a flat or low sloped roof can be an expensive issue that companies and business owners have to deal with just about everyday. Every time it rains there is always a leak it seems!

Infrared Thermo-graphs provide an inside look by identifying trapped moisture inside your roofing system.

Infrared scans and fluid applied roofing systems offer a huge advantage, by saving you time but most of all money. It is becoming a widely used option over that of expensive roof wide repairs; demolition and replacement.

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Don’t let your roof waste your maintenance budget. Never pay to replace a roof you can convert to a sustainable (renewable) watertight roof.

Innovative Roof Coatings